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how we do it

As a Cold-brew Specialist, Wildflour Coffee does not use leftover grounds from espresso operations in the day, to cold-brew at night as a cost-recovery tactic. On the contrary, we collaborated with a local coffee-roaster to develop an origin/roast profile specifically for cold-brewing, invested in the best brew grinder (Mahlkonig EK43), and calibrated the grind sizes to tango with our carefully developed brew recipe.


When done right, this slow and careful brew process coaxes complex aromatics and flavors out of the coffee grounds, resulting in an incredible end-result that is sweeter, smoother, and less bitter.

Why Cold-brew?

As the story goes, Dutch traders used to make cold-brew coffee concentrate (in the 1600s) to take on weeks to month-long voyages, so they can quickly and conveniently have good quality coffee aboard their ships.

In this tropical and all-summer Singapore, it’s no wonder our preferences have moved from commercial hot water brewed coffees, to cold beverages prepared using alternative methods. Cold-brew methodology uses alot more coffee grounds and time to brew the same amount of coffee (when compared to hot brew), with its advantages being a more flavourful and complex extraction profile, with 67% less acids than coffee brewed using hot extraction processes.


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